Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brownswood Ward Forum: Your ward, your say

The Music Room, Parkwood School
Queens Drive
London N4 2HQ
Meet your local councillors, raise local issues and explore opportunities to improve our area!
Your local Ward Councillors Brian Bell, Oli de Botton and Feryal Demirci warmly invite you to the first Brownswood Ward Forum.
At this first meeting we will be discussing:
Kings Crescent
redevelopment plans
§         Environmental projects in our ward
We’d also like to hear from you about some of the small things we could do together to help improve our local area and the best way of shaping future forum meetings.  Brownswood Ward residents are all welcome, we would be grateful if you could also publicise this in your community and your organisation

Email us on Brownswood@hackney.gov.uk

Your ward, your say!

Brian Bell, Oli de Botton and Feryal Demirci

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Our May/June report

Councillors Report – June 2012 Local Government Boundary Commission Review
The boundary commission have now accepted our arguments for the overall number of councillors to remain the same. However our latest proposals for wards and boundaries have had to take into account population change and projections in Woodberry Down and elsewhere. The LGBC will review the proposed ward schemes and publish their final proposals by 17th July 2012. There will then be a 10 week consultation phase. Final decisions will be made in October/November 2012.

Education Next month the Learning Trust will pass back into the direct control of the council after a successful 10 year contract. The aim is to retain the excellent practice that has seen Hackney's schools improving year on year, and the transition plans have emphasised stability in terms of staffing and approach.

Kings Crescent masterplan out for consultation/refurbishment continues The masterplan for the future estate is now out for consultation until the 11th of June. Link here - . If that doesn't work go to the planning part of the council website and search for application no 2012/0676. The second stage of the refurbishment includes replacement of the electrical mains and lighting, all lifts, the installation of two tier door entry systems, and new roofs and windows for Weston and Lemsford Courts. The first of the new doors has been installed at Lemsford. It is anticipated that all blocks will have had new windows installed, where deemed necessary, by the end of this year. External cladding of existing blocks will be carried out in conjunction with each phase of the new build, to ensure integration of new and existing buildings. At this stage, it is anticipated that the new build will be carried out in four phases, starting next Spring, with the programme continuing for 5-6 years. The installation of new digital television aerials has been a major cause for concern.

Policing and community safety Our safer neighbour team was recently down to one PC, one PCSO and a half-time sergeant rather than the six members it was originally meant to provide. Although all some of the turnover may have been bad luck, the fact that replacements weren’t being recruited is down to Boris Johnson’s cuts to the MPS. We have raised this with the borough commander.

Woodberry Down regeneration Construction on “the old school site” is now almost complete. Riverside Apartments is the final private block at the eastern end of the West Reservoir and was occupied from the end of March 2012. “The Residence” tower (175 units) is being fitted out with residents moving in between July and October 2012. Both blocks at 268 Green Lanes are now complete, and have been handed over to Genesis HA who will allocate tenants. The April planning committee reluctantly approved a 2nd tower block immediately to the north east of the current one. Berkeley Homes argued they needed this further income stream to allow them to proceed with Phase 2 (which includes the rest of Brownswood). As well as tying it in to a review of the masterplan which would bring forward further community benefits, Brian and the chair of planning argued for an overage or claw-back clause which would allow us to get further social housing or a financial contribution, if Berkeley’s make a higher than forecast profit from this tower. The local labour target of 20% has now been achieved.

Finsbury Park Accord On Friday 1st June, the Leaders of Haringey, Islington and Hackney signed the Finsbury Park Accord at the Park Theatre. It is designed to co-ordinate planning of and improve services in, the area which is split between three boroughs. Aims include more social housing, enhanced economic activity, and safer and cleaner streets.

Alexandra National site Construction of the framework is now complete, with the cladding having begun.

London Elections Sadly Ken Livingstone was beaten by Boris Johnson, but by a much smaller margin than predicted in all the polls. Labour in London had a great result winning 4 more seats on the assembly. Jennette Arnold substantially increased her majority getting over 100,000 votes in N E London. Hackney got the second best % vote for Ken in London, after Newham. In Hackney Labour “won” every ward, and Ben Hayhurst is the new councillor for Hackney Central winning the byelection with a 1,893 majority. In Brownswood we had a good result with Labour Green Tory Lib Dem Mayor 1314 254 448 97 Constituency 1285 511 252 153 List 1257 449 273 158 Our next roving surgery and canvassing session is on Saturday 16th June starting from the Brownswood Tavern on the corner of Brownswood Road and Green Lanes. These events are becoming more and more focused on the need to build the campaign towards the elections in 2014 & 2015. Please come if you can.

Councillors Brian Bell, Feryal Demirci and Oli de Botton