Friday, November 24, 2006

Extra 2.554 million for Kings Crescent Estate

Government announcement means refurbishment can begin immediately

The competition to pick development partners for the Kings Crescent Estate
is nearing its conclusion. At the Steering Group (which Brian chairs) on Wednesday night, it was agreed
that exhibitions of the schemes proposed by the remaining partnerships would be
available for residents to view on the 5th of December. A panel of resident
representatives will interview the builders and housing associations forming
each of the partnerships, the following day. This together with the
technical evaluations should mean that a recommendation is ready to go to
Cabinet on 29th January. The detailed regeneration plans will then be worked
through with residents and the council, to allow works to start later next

However there is even better news. While most of the overall regeneration
will be funded through the new partnership, we also put in a bid for a
special London-wide fund for 2.5million to make an early start to some of
that. The Government and London Mayor announced today that this bid has been
successful - see attached letter. This means that we can begin the
refurbishment a year earlier than otherwise. The intention is to make a
start on the blocks along Brownswood Road as soon as a contract can be let.

Demolition works on the further areas to be cleared should also commence in
the new year.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Police Community Advisory Panel for Brownswood needs new members - APPLY HERE

The Police Community Advisory Panel meets every two months to give our safer neighbourhoods team and the wider police force, some direction as to what their priorities should be. It currently meets at 6.30pm on a Wednesday in a local school, AND NEEDS NEW MEMBERS. Please contact us with your email address, via the comment function if you're interested.

Issues discussed at the last meeting on 8th November included-
* crime and ASB on Blackstock Road
* vice on Brownswood Road
* police activity at Manor House
* sex encounter premises licence applications

The most recent crime figures for our ward can be accessed here. Many are encouraging especially in relation to the Hackney or London averages, but there remains much to do. Remember however that the sexual offences category will be artifically inflated whenever there is successful anti-vice activity!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Zebra Upgrade - Woodberry Grove

The zebra crossing outside the shops on Woodberry Grove is to replaced and upgraded shortly - more details here.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gloucester Drive fifth most haunted street in the country!

According to this piece in the Halloween edition of the Guardian, Gloucester Drive is haunted by "ghostly kids". If you know more, please tell us !

Britain's most haunted roads Special reports Guardian Unlimited

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Late October update

The Lido's open!

Full Council November 1st 2006

Wednesday’s full council meeting has a lot of Brownswood interest. Brian is introducing a deputation of residents of Kings Crescent concerning the lack of planned maintenance. There is also a deputation from the shopkeepers on Woodberry Grove to protest the effects of the regeneration on their business. Feryat will be asking a question which highlights the excellent value–added results in Hackney primary schools, particularly Parkwood on Queens Drive.

Parking consultation

Although the recent meeting was poorly attended, there was a useful discussion amongst those present. Public response to the idea of Arsenal match day controls within a one mile radius of the new ground, has been positive but there is to be a further round of consultation with all residents before a scheme proceeds.

Woodberry Down

All three councillors attended a meeting with the shopkeepers on 11th October. There is a concern that the council feels unable to guarantee first right of refusal on leases in the new shopping parade for current retailers. Many of the shopkeepers are facing financial problems due to the declining population on the estate and need more support in the short/medium term. A deputation of retailers will go to full council on 1st November to voice their concerns. Brian, Darren and Feryat have also written to the Woodberry Down regeneration manager.

Portland Rise and Amwell Court

Feryat attended the TA on 26th October, and will be at the estate committee on 16th November.

Kings Crescent

Brian accompanied residents to developments showcasing both the builder and housing association parts of the partnerships competing to take part in the regeneration, on Saturdays 7th and 14th October. The shortlist has now been reduced to two. If the rest of the programme stays to schedule, a new development partner could be agreed by the end of December.

And finally London Fields Lido is open

The Lido opened to the public on 26th October. Local residents and potential user groups had been shown around earlier in the week. It’s still packed despite the weather. As far we know, no other public lido has been opened or renovated in decades.