Sunday, July 08, 2012

July update

Councillors Report – July 2012 Hackney’s changing … ... at an unprecedented rate. Shoreditch as well as being host to a vibrant night life, is the biggest hub in the country for IT and creative industries. New clubs and housing have spread up through Hoxton and Haggerston towards Dalston, which is now becoming fashionable in itself. The far east of the borough has been changed completely by the Olympic park and development at Stratford. Locally the completion of Woodberry Down and Kings Crescent estates will transform large parts of the ward. But reputation tends to lag behind reality. The Radio 1 Hackney Weekend on 23rd and 24th June was organised by the BBC and the council, to help transform some of those attitudes. It was the BBC’s biggest event of the summer of 2012, and Hackney’s biggest event ever. About a third of the free 100,000 tickets went to local residents. The legacy of the event goes beyond this weekend and the performances. The Radio 1 Academy ran from 1-22nd June at the Hackney Picturehouse offering workshops and practical experience on fashion, music, film, radio, digital communications, journalism, comedy and business. More than 7,000 young people have been though the Academy, more than half of them from Hackney.