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May 2013 councillors report

Councillors Report – May 2013

Ward Boundaries

The Local Government Boundary Commission have confirmed their final decisions in respect of Hackney which can be found here LGBCE - Hackney FER

As you can see they have maintained their initial position to create two new two member wards. One is to be called Brownswood but only west of Green Lanes and Portland Rise. The areas east of these are to go into a new two member ward called Woodberry Down, which also takes in areas further east.

The only change in the final stage was to take all properties accessed from Portland Rise into the new Woodberry Down one, rather than only those on the eastern side of the street as per the previous proposal.

Kings Crescent regeneration

The planning application for the detailed design of the north side of the estate is now live. Go here and search for 2013/1128. It includes both the final stages of refurbishment of the existing blocks, and substantial new build, including the conversion of the rows of garages to flats, addressing one of the original design flaws.

We hope to get it to a planning committee in the summer, and to start work in the late autumn. It will achieve 101 refurbished flats for current residents, 107 new affordable units (79 for rent, 28 for shared ownership), and 155 new units for private sale. It includes provision in the courtyard of Therfield Court for growing plots to continue the successful gardening project.

The second stage of the refurbishment is almost complete. New windows are being installed at Therfield, Datchworth and Theobalds courts. Teething problems with the fobs and door entry systems are being sorted out but on the whole residents report feeling a lot safer.

We are also proposing to install a new and more accessible temporary community centre, which can later be reused elsewhere.

Manor House Area Action Plan

Fairview Homes held a recent consultation on their proposals to develop the UNITE /T&GWU building on Green Lanes. They want to develop 100 homes of which approx 30% will be affordable. Heights vary from 4 to 9 storeys. They now seem prepared to guarantee a publicly accessible route though the development to the New River path.

Finsbury Park

The London Borough of Islington, supported by Hackney and Haringey, is leading on the preparation of the Finsbury Park Supplementary Planning Document.

This draft SPD summarises the main planning policies that should be addressed by future development proposals, planning and design issues particular to the area, and some of the key information that an applicant should include in any future planning application. The recommendations try to reflect the relevant policies from each of the three authorities’ Development Plans and the London Plan to provide a more unified vision for the continuing regeneration of Finsbury Park Town Centre. The SPD results from the Finsbury Park Accord agreed by the three boroughs in June 2012.

The draft is scheduled to go to Hackney’s June Cabinet for approval to consult for an initial 6 weeks. The area covered has expanded to cover all of Blackstock as far south as Highbury Vale police station and the petrol station site on Seven Sisters Road.

Woodberry Down regeneration

Construction is now up to almost it’s full height on the “3 Ps” site which will be 100% social housing. The second site to be fully completed, Woodberry Grove North was handed over on schedule earlier in the year and residents have moved in. The third block, Horston and Sherwood, is due to complete within two months.

The new Woodberry Grove North Park was formally opened on Saturday 6th April, as was The Edge youth centre.

The London Wildlife Trust are developing proposals to link up both reservoirs, with the East Reservoir being maintained as a potential drinking supply and a wetlands centre for birds. Their aim was to refurbish the listed pump house as a café/interpretation centre, provide controlled access around both reservoirs, and install a floating board walk in the East. The Heritage Lottery have provided £700K of development funds

Building Lives Academy

Within all of the regeneration schemes we run, we try to get as much local labour used as possible. This new project provides training and mentoring for Hackney young people to help ensure they are ready for these opportunities. More here on YouTube.

Ward Forum

We held our third ward forum this month. These open meetings are opportunities to discuss issues that affect the ward with members of the public. Amongst other issues, we discussed the new funding that has been awarded to the Manor House Development Trust to address home insulation and fuel poverty in the ward, and plans for a Blackstock Road festival.

Police numbers

Sign our petition against the reduction in police numbers More Police for Hackney thru the council website.

Councillors Brian Bell, Oli de Botton and Feryal Demirci

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