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Our July report

Councillors Report – July 2013

Finsbury Park Supplementary Planning Document

Islington, supported by Hackney and Haringey, are leading on the preparation of a SPD for Finsbury Park. The area covered has includes all of Blackstock as far south as Highbury Vale police station, and to the petrol station site on Seven Sisters Road.

This draft SPD summarises the planning policies that should be addressed by future development proposals, planning and design issues particular to the area, and some of the key information that an applicant should include in any future applications. Some of the more interesting ideas include –

* redeveloping the Rowan’s site to provide a better gateway into the park

* improving conditions beneath the railway viaducts including exploring the option of opening up another arch to separate foot and motor traffic along Stroud Green Road

* promoting the entrances to Gillespie Park and the Parkland Walk

The public consultation was held between Monday 1 July 2013 and Monday 12 August 2013. There were three drop-in sessions in the area on the following dates:

Saturday 13 July 2013, 11am -2pm, N4 Library, 26 Blackstock Road, London N4 2DW

Monday 15 July 2013, 5pm - 8pm, The Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, London N4 3JP

Tuesday 16 July 2013, 3pm - 6pm, The Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, London N4 3JP

Information on the public consultation, including a copy of the draft SPD, will be available from the Council’s website ( from Monday 1 July 2013. An information leaflet will be distributed to properties within the catchment area this week. An online survey has been set up to gather feedback and comments, which can be found here .

If you have any queries or would like a paper copy of the draft SPD, the lead officer is Deanna Walker on 020 7527 1825 or by email at .

Kings Crescent regeneration

The planning application for the detailed design of the north side of the estate is scheduled to go to the planning committee on 31st July. Go here and search for 2013/1128. It includes both the final stages of refurbishment of the existing blocks, and substantial new build. It will achieve 101 refurbished flats for current residents, 107 new affordable units (79 rent, 28 shared ownership), and 155 new private units.

The procurement process to appoint a developer is also well underway and we hope to appoint in late July. If all goes to plan, preparatory works will begin this autumn.

The second stage of the refurbishment is almost complete with new windows being installed at Therfield, Datchworth and Theobalds courts.


Licensing authorities are entitled to declare a “special policy area” if they can prove that licensed premises have reached saturation point in a particular area such that they are massively affecting the quality of life. We already have such an area in central Shoreditch, which has been largely successful in resisting new bars.

This month we approved a consultation on also introducing one along the A10 corridor north and south of central Dalston. Having an SPA means that the normal assumption that a license be granted is reversed, and that new or variation licenses are only granted in exceptional circumstances.

Woodberry Down regeneration

The review of the masterplan continues. Some elements may include -

# Opening the southside of some blocks to enhance views and light

# Many more retail units along the northside of Seven Sisters Road

# Changes to the phasing of redevelopment

Once the partners have internally finalised a draft new masterplan, it will be subject to public consultation next year.

The resident group, the Woodberry Down Community Organisation is also going through the process of re-electing it’s board. For the first time seats are reserved for the completed private blocks.

Three sites have now been completed and handed over – the latest Horston and Sherwood ahead of schedule. Construction is now up to it’s full height on the “3 Ps” site which will be 100% social housing.


The annual estate “fun day” is this Saturday from 1-4pm on The Green, the newly created park on Woodberry Grove North.

The Finsbury Park Trust is born

The organisation formerly known as the Finfuture, has now formally changed it’s name to the Finsbury Park Trust which was Brian’s proposal. It intends to free up resources to be more effective as the voluntary sector lead in the regeneration of the area, and will soon be officially relaunched.

Attainment of deprived children

Ofsted has recently published a report analysing and commenting on children who do not perform well at school, asking whether schools are paying underachieving children enough attention. A significant number of children who underachieve are also on free school meals, although not all. The report, called ‘Unseen children’ is available on the Ofsted website. Hackney is in either the top five or top 10 percent among local authorities, on each of the four indicators, and joint second in the country on one.

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